Gino Olivares Srl produzione prodotti Sinterizzati - Gino Olivares Srl sintered parts

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Gino Olivares srl

Gino Olivares S.r.l. was founded in 1959 as a mold manufactory company.

In 1963 started the sintering activity, in a few years become core business and the mold manufactory remains only for internal use.  With 60 years of experience our product have found widespread acceptance in the world market and have led the company to export to over than 24 countries with an export rate of 60%

The companies that turn to us find a valid interlocutor, able to satisfy any request already in the design phase.  For all this reasons in this years we are having good feedback at world level with awards of American associations for the design and the production of sintered parts.  That has been possible thanks to the inclusion of always new technologies on the mold manufactory and production, to the increasing of the departments and to the establishment of a new company: Sinter Meccanica Srl, in which in addition to molding and pressing we carry out meccanica precess one sintered part.

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Our headquarters

Total area: 10.300 mq
Covered area: 5.200mq

Employees: 60

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