The finished part jas mechanical geometric charateristich well definied, and respect a high quality standard Gino Olivares Srl - Gino Olivares Srl sintered parts

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Gino Olivares srl
Sintered parts

Sintered parts used in industry are numerous and of extreme variety.

Here we list where can be applied in some sector

Automotive, textile machines, motorcycles and cycles, wood machinery, sewing machines, office machines, measuring instruments, lock, gardening, pumps, etc.

Quality and precision at you service
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Gino Olivares Srl we carry out chemical and dimensional control on the raw material and on the part, in every phase of the production.

Our principal equipment:
- 3D contact machines;
- Brinnel and Rockwell hardness machines;
- Vickers hardness machines;
- Metallographic microscope;
- Optic meter;
- Traction and compression machines;
- Density tests with analytic bilances
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