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Sintered parts

Powder: it could be purchased mixed or be mixed in the factory to satisfy specific needs

Pressing: the mixtures are automatically introduced into a mold having the shape of the part to be         made. The movement of the molds and the different pressure make possible to obtain ‘green parts’ with an extremely complicated geometry.

Sintering: the passage in fournace with atmosphere and temperature checked gives to the parts the necessary mechanical characteristics, the heat treatment takes place in 3 phase:
1 Preheating
2 Sintering
3 Cooling

Calibration: by calibrating the parts after the sintering with mechanical or hydraulic presses you can obtain better tolerance quality and reach better density.

Other precessing: all the traditional surface treatment, mechanical processing, vaporization and impregnation can be carried out.

Finished part: the part that we obtain have well-defined mechanical characteristics and respect waltz standards

Why the sintered

  • Quality products and materials
  • Possibility to perform all heat and surface treatments
  • Low production cost on mass-produced products
  • High productivity, repeatability of the process
  • High precision even for complex geometries, without resorting to mechanical processing

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